Church Street

Pinot Noir

The Wine

Pinot Noir is produced from red grapes, however, you’ll notice the color is much lighter than other red wines. This high acid and low tannin wine offers wonderful notes of bright cherry and spice.

The Label

Our wine bottle is beautifully adorned with an image of Saint Paul’s Cathedral (circa 1900 est.), formerly Saint Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral is a 200-year-old landmark in Downtown Buffalo. The cathedral attained its status on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and in 1988 it was declared a US National Historic Landmark.

The Church

“The restored St. Paul’s Cathedral of 1890 inaugurated the third period of its development, bridging the transition from Victorian nineteenth century to the rapid technical advancements and social changes of the twentieth century. It was during this period that our Church determined, despite surrounding urban changes, to remain a downtown community. The 10 decades since the centennial year of 1917 has witnessed wars, booms, a depression, the decline, and the recent resurgence of downtown Buffalo; all of which have presented new challenges and opportunities to the membership of the Cathedral. In 1988, National Landmark Status was awarded to St. Paul’s Cathedral.” –