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Church Street Pinot Noir
This California Pinot Noir yields
wonderful notes of bright cherry and spice.
Pairs well with mushroom risotto as well as roasted poultry dishes.

Ellicott Square Cabernet
This California Cabernet is fruit forward, approachable and dry.
Soft tannins and smooth finish. Pair with barbequed meat or Beef on Weck.
Like its namesake, this Cabernet is a work of beauty and elegance.

Savings Bank Blend
This delicious dry red wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.
With its soft tannins and fruit forward body; this wine pairs well with any roasted meats.
A wonderful return on your investment!



Electric Tower White
A dry, crisp wine which exhibits a perfect balance of vibrant citrus and acid.
Sure to compliment any fish dish or seasonal salad.
This wine is sure to brighten your day.

LightHouse Moscato
California Moscato, sure to please those looking for a sweeter wine.
Elements of melon and pear on the finish.
As you navigate the seas of wine, let Lighthouse be your beacon.

Nickel City Sweet
Delicious and refreshing blend of American Grapes.
55% Riesling 25% Gewurtztraminer, & 20% Moscato.
This wine is sweet, unique, and perfectly balanced.

Without Annie’s Barrel
No oak barrel here!
This delicious full-bodied, dry white wine is all stainless steel fermented.
With its soft, creamy and refreshing body;
this wine is sure to compliment a variety of seafood or poultry dishes.